How to save your SEO from failing?


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it performs well in organic search. Ranking highly for search engine terms which are known as keywords increases the visibility of a website and enhances the accumulation of traffic which leads to a higher number of visitors to the actual website.


The importance of SEO is different for different aspects.

For businesses, SEO is the base and has to be done without fail. The main goal of any business is to increase leads, clients, and sales. No one searches for a company name unless it is a BIG brand.

If your business is about cosmetics with a “specific “company name, will you initially expect people to search for that “specific” company name rather than something related to website designing? No right! you need to have a brand of popular name for that.


Google always comes with new updates.

The motto behind such rigorous updates is for Google to get better at the assessment of content by adjusting their algorithms more and more to provide searchers with better and precise results when searching for specific topics/questions.

The new Core Web Vitals are a list of technical SEO metrics made to help business owners, marketers, and developers to improve user page experience.

One of the biggest announcements about SEO changes to come out of Google this year is that the “Page Experience Update” essentially confirms user experience will become an SEO ranking signal in 2021. Google says page experience will be one of many factors taken into consideration while ranking web pages focus on the user and search factors.

So, having appropriate keywords in your website plays a crucial role to grow your business. And, this is where SEO comes into action to save and make your company more and more popular.

Similarly, SEO is important for any website, video marketing, and business.

There can be multiple no. of reasons why

 Is your SEO strategy not working?

Some of the reasons can be-

1- Content cluster strategy is a must.

The concept of cluster content in SEO is to gain search traffic for highly focused keywords and phrases with smaller search volumes. Ideally, the better rankings you can grab for cluster content, the more credibility you build up in Google for the main content.

A good keyword clustering strategy is the secret to stealthy SEO content. If you choose the right keywords, you will never have to worry about content optimization. Use long-tail keywords and focus on a customer’s needs. While writing copy, always keep the keywords in mind and try to address their problems. The more specific and clear you are with your content, the better it will be for your customer. Never compromise on providing quality content, unless you are paid for it.

2-Wrong keywords and no investment in good content.

Search Engine Optimization. Now and then we try to incorporate different techniques to market our products or services across digital platforms, but eventually, it all comes down to one thing and that is Content. It is a powerful and highly influential form of communication between a brand and a customer. It is what marks the digital path of a brand in the digital market.

Many people get away with the content after posting the content that is not fulfilling the requirements of a viewer and they used to find their way to the top of page 1. This is not good for the viewer too because he will have to look more and more for his answers. Now it is getting hard to be on the top page until and unless you are providing the user what they need, you ain’t going on top and that’s only fair!

3- Not getting On-Page Optimization Perfect.

There is no good reason why you should not make your on-page optimization perfect. It means that the difference between your website showing up on page there out of the search results and your website is listed on top. There are so many local businesses that simply ignore their on-page optimization or the prior SEO company did not go for the correct optimization.

4-SEO is a test of patience and you need to Ace it.

When it comes to SEO it is a test of your patience level. You may feel like your SEO strategy is expensive and it’s not bringing any kind of good results now but remember that it is a long process and requires time to bloom.

Proper SEO can take 3 months because your site needs to gain credibility with google and the users.

If you are not seeing any results within some weeks then you need to wait, do not rush into any rash decision so soon.

5-Wrong targets or no targets at all.

Even SEO can be optimized for specific target markets. A good way to sum up your focus is through the location. If you’re going after customers in a specific and known region then you can read up on how search engines handle local searches, and ensure that you have a presence in locally based websites.

Invest your efforts and time in generating accurate keywords. A concise and targeted audience will bring a lot of success to your SEO.

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