Google Street View

There's a lot that goes into Google search listings. Here's how virtual tours and street view are the tools you need to boost your listing and customer interest!

Why Google Street View?

Street View is a compilation of panoramic photos used in Google Maps for users to view and better understand the area they are searching; this extends to businesses.

The Street View puts your business on Google Maps with pictures of your storefront, but these photos are not exclusive uploads by Google.

Businesses and customers can contribute to the Street View photo sharing as well.

How do you make sure Google’s maps data is accurate?

The world is a vast and constantly changing place. Think about how frequently restaurants in your neighborhood come and go, and then consider all the businesses, buildings, homes and roads that are built–and then scale that up to more than 220 countries and regions that are home to more than 7 billion people in the world

How can I submit updated information?

There are a few different channels for people, businesses, and customers to help update our maps data when something’s not right. Anyone who uses Google Maps can let us know about data issues via the Send Feedback (desktop Maps) and Suggest an Edit (place profiles on Maps and Search) tools.